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5 Reasons Why The Magicians Season 5 Trailer Gave Us LIFE!

Dec 4 - 4:33pm

They're bringing magic back and we don't know how to act!

25 Questions With Melanie Scrofano

Nov 25 - 10:00am

The Wynonna Earp star dishes on kissing, hidden talents and how she makes epic homemade pizza.

Get mentally prepared for the furry mayhem of Critters Attack!

Oct 10 - 12:49pm

Critters Attack! hits SYFY this Friday, and it is a furry, bloody romp that is perfect both for Halloween, and fans of Dee Wallace.

Breaking down 7 highlights from The Banana Splits Movie

Oct 1 - 6:35pm

The SYFY original, The Banana Splits Movie, has no shortage of memorable moments, but these stuck out the most to us. 

The Banana Splits Movie

You'll definitely want to tune in for The Banana Splits Movie, and here's why

Oct 1 - 3:11pm

The Banana Splits movie is coming to SYFY on October 12 at 9/8c, and here's why you'll want to tune in. 

SYFY this October: See Banana Splits, Critters Attack and more!

Sep 25 - 5:27pm

Here’s to October. The pumpkin spice lattes, the sweaters and the scares— plus a sorcerer's stone or two. Welcome to October on SYFY.

Hero of the Week: Vanessa Van Helsing

Sep 25 - 1:55pm

Vampire slaying is hard work so thank goodness we’ve got a Van Helsing to do it.